H A P P Y H U M P D A Y 

It’s mid week, not far until the weekend and I thought I’d share with you my new Nude By Nature Brush Set. I got these as a gift for Christmas by my lovely partner. I was well over due for some new brushes, we all like to pretend we are good at keeping up with cleaning our brushes. However, I’d happily admit – I’m not so good at keeping them clean.

These brushes are ROSE GOLD. Bloody good old Rose Gold – every girls dream of metal on their brushes. Rose gold – we all love and that’s what makes them so great. They’re cruelty free which is important for a lot of people these days. The set includes:
A powder, blush, foundation and concealer brush. As well as a definer, shader and blending brush. ALSOOO there’s a brow and lip brush. The perfect combination of brushes? Even for beginners. They even come in this gorgeous animal free section zip travel case. These cases are so useful – so the brushes don’t get damaged and make a mess when you’re on the move.

They feel comfortable against the skin and applies the make up to the skin perfectly. They’re high quality and are formulated with synthetic fibers.  I have yet to clean these brushes as I’m still not using them all as of yet – however once I have washed them.. you’ll be the first to know about it!
One last thing – Did I mention they’re Rose Gold?

What brush could you not live without?

(This is a tricky question.)


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