When it comes to your everyday handbag there’s always them main beauty essentials you NEED for your day. Whether you need them or not in fact – they’re always bloody in there. When it comes to changing my handbag for the day I still feel like it’s totally necessary to move them. It’s pretty handy having so many things, you want to transfer to different bags as I love a full bag.

There’s always a lipstick or two, or three. I always have a selection to pick from, however there’s always that easy nude shade that’s allowed for any look you’re going for. We always need to top up the lips, even if we like to think our lipstick lasts the whole next eight hours.
In this weather, a hand cream is everything. When you’re like someone like myself the harsh cold weather can effect my skin. I get dry hands and I always have them spots where it effects it even worse. I suffer with eczema too which hand cream can be pretty crucial.
I’ve mentioned the lipstick but what about the lip balms? Lip balm is a must when it comes to women and their beauty handbag essentials. I must admit I’m one of them that ‘always’ is applying it to my lips. I’m addicted to it, I love my lips being moist and super, super soft. No one wants scabby, chapped lips do they?
Whether it’s full sized or handbag size – perfume is a girls best friend. When it comes to long days out, for example when I’m shopping there’s nothing more than I love than refreshing myself with a little spray or two of my perfume. The best time for a perfume in a handbag is when you’re travelling but you know you’re not allowed large liquids in your handbag when travelling on plane. *Sucks to be a girl sometimes.*
Do you ever go out for dinner sometimes and end up with greasy, sticky fingers wishing you had them ‘travel sized’ make up wipes? Yep, I do – every time. This is why recently I have found it totally acceptable to carry a packet around in my bag. Even if you aren’t eating. Maybe you’ve decided to swatch every fricking lipstick/lipgloss in Harvey Nichols – nothing worse than having to go round with the rest of your day with your hand looking ridiculous. (If you don’t carry these already – now you want to, right?)

What do you always need in your handbag? What’s your must have?



  1. January 15, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    I agree with lip balm.. I just die when my lips are dry and I am outside.. most annoying thing!

    xx Lisa

    • January 18, 2017 / 3:59 pm

      YES! I love The Body Shop Shea Butter! Just so easy to keep on top of <3

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