Whose for that Monday feeling? NAT ME. Oh, when it’s this close to Christmas it certainly doesn’t make me want to venture out my house let alone my bed. I’t so bloody cold outside and it’s becoming to be a standard morning procedure – defrosting the car windows. GURRRRR. I hate it. I don’t want to have to faff about before driving to work – I’m always two minutes late anyway as the traffic is so unpredictable every morning. Anyway, whose with me when I say – who wants to just get home and get all snuggled up and watch Christmas films? I hear ya sista, I’ll be right there with ya. It has to – HAS TO include Love Actually, Elf, Santa Claus 1 2 & 3, The Grinch and The Holiday. That’s the perfect combination of films for a movie marathon. So I’m going to hurry through this Monday and get ready for an evening that looks a lot like the picture above.

What are you watching this Christmas?

Any films you’d recommend?


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