Christmas is my favourite time of the year, not only is it Christmas it’s also my birthday bitches – so what you getting me? Christmas means all sorts of things to each and everyone of us and some of us love it and some of us hate it. (Boo you too all you grinches out there!)




Counting down to Christmas. Whenever you’re counting down by an app on your phone, by the kitchen calendar or you’re no7 advent calendar – it’s so much fun. It’s always exciting to see the days going down and Christmas day coming a lot sooner, Christmas day is boring although it’s so much fun. It’s all how you make it really! Always has to end with a Christmas film though, right?!

Photos. I love taking photos, and this is the time of year my polaroid comes out to play. Being able to take instant family photo’s are the best! Spending time with your fam and making memories to beat the following year to come is just perfect.

Everyone’s mood. Not everyone is happy when it’s running up to Christmas because it’s a whole lot of money spending. It’s never nice seeing money going down in the bank account, but there’s nothing better than seeing the persons face when opening the present they’ve always wanted. Everyone soon gets into the Christmas spirit, the radio is playing Christmas songs, people in stores like old Janet are all dressed up with those fancy pudding earrings.

Opening presents. Ok, lets not lie here – everyone loves receiving presents just as much as giving them. It’s so much fun unwrapping all that paper when someones taken so much effort to make it look so pretty. Everyone thinks Christmas is for kids, unless I’m still classed as a kid? I fricking enjoy it.

Christmas Crackers. They can make any dinner table just look so pretty. It’s always a challenge on whose going to win the present inside, although it always ends up being some manicure mini kit or a couple of mini screw drivers.

My home town or lit up. There’s nothing better than going Christmas Shopping in the evening after work when all the Christmas lights are on, outside. It gets you in the spirit a 1000% specially when every store has the Christmas CD on repeat. Having all the different smells from the stools of food, it’s the german market we have in town with a bar and funky music.

What do you love about Christmas?


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