Not only is it Christmas this year, it’s also my birthday bitches. Ohhh yeah, I’m a Christmas baby. The 27th if you want to be exact. Couldn’t be any closer to Christmas if I’m honest. However, it’s Friday and I thought I’d show you all what I want for my birthday this year. (Not that any of you losers are going to be getting me anything anyway.) However, you might be a little interested right? Have you used any of the products listed above? Let me know your reviews if you have! Anyways, I’m off to do a little retail therapy. I’ll let you know what I get! <3

Abbott Lyon Watch. This one I actually got from the Abbott Lyon website itself. It’s the Chain Rose Gold 40. Rose Gold anything, we all want – right? This watch stands out to me so much with the rose gold strap and the white face with the rose gold details. It’s elegant, timeless and refined. It’s within the limited edition range which makes me want it 10 times more.

Olympus Pen E-PL8. Everyone has this camera, correct? Is that what you’re thinking – I know. Technically not this camera as this is the newest camera to the Olympus pen range. I found this on and I’m a sucker for looking through Very. It’s up for a massive £499.00!! A lot of people have told me that’s ridiculous – but I just need it in my life. I know it’s also the lenses to go along with it – which I will purchase next year. I know I won’t be getting anything like this price range for my birthday from ANYONE. However, it’s something I’m going to look into when I get my birthday money and some Christmas. I’ve asked for money from a lot of my family which I will contribute to this camera and pay the rest myself. I could go for the one that’s cheaper – but I don’t do cheap when it’s only just come out.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. I am a huge sucker when it comes to skin care let alone facial masks. I am loving face masks at the moment, even more the fact that the cold weather is really effecting my skin this year round. I’ve also heard so many good reviews about the British rose collection from Body Shop. It’s 100% vegan, refreshes the skin. It moisturises, soothes and tones the skin. It’s ideal for creating the perfect home facial. It’s infused with real rose petals, rose essence from Britain, rosehip oil from Chile and organic Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico.

Glamorous Faux Shearling Jacket With Pu Trim Detail. It’s from Asos and that’s what the jacket is under if you’re wanting to have a look further into it. It’s £84.00 which I thinks pretttyyyy good. These jackets are everywhere, Misspap, Missguided, River Island. E V E R Y W H E R E. I love this one for the colour, I’m a lover for grey. It brings out the vintage look and the brand new trends. It’s a great jacket for daytime/evening attire.

Missguided Thread Through Clutch Bag. ( Dupe of the Chloe bag.) Ohhhhhhhhhhkay – how beautiful is this bag? To the colour, to the detail to the mix of materials. Jezzzzzzzzzus. This is only the clutch as the Chloe bag is actually an over the shoulder bag – there is other colours in this bag that have that option too. It’s at the amazing price of just £25.00 too – say whaaaat? I need it, need it, need it!!

The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick. Sooooo some of you all know (and do) – have a lazy day. Lazy days where you just really can’t be bothered with how much effort you put in with your make up. These colour sticks are perfect!!! There’s four different shades and I think it’s so handy to have. Great to have in your handbag too when you’re having a long day and don’t want to carry your whole eye shadow palette around with you. ( Can’t say I’ve ever done that before, but it works right?) They’re just an easy £8 and come in gold, burgundy, bronze and like a granite grey. Popular colours!

GHD Heat Protector Spray. I’m not one for taking good care of my hair. I mean I’ve stopped colouring it as much, and don’t use the hair dryer – only if I’m in a rush. I rarely straighten it either. Making myself sound like a right boring plain Jane over here. However, this is something I’ve always wanted but never wanted to buy it with my own money. ( I always think that with knickers and toiletries. – Never something you want to willingly spend your money on.) But I need it!!

If it was your birthday soon, what would you be adding to your wishlist?

Christmas is coming, so what about something to that!?


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