Did I forget to remind you that it’s nearly Christmas and I fricking love Christmas? Bored of hearing it? I’m bored of saying it. But it’s true. It’s Saturday and I’m off out for Lee’s Christmas works meal tonight and I’m feeling pretttyyyy nervous. I haven’t seen everyone since the last Christmas meal, lol. (It’s going to be awkwardddd.) Although, last year it was so much fun – there was a DJ there, there was BUMPER CARS!! Yes, it was some fun Christmas meal I must say. I hope this year round it’ll be the exact same. WISH ME LUCK GUYS.

With all this stress with what outfit I’m going to wear, how I’m going to do my make up and with all the presents I need to get this year, I thought I’d throw together some idea’s for stocking fillers. I’ve done it with the cheap items of £10 and under.

Spiced apple treat box – The body shop £8.00

Why not give someone a little taster of the new seasonal bath and body range. You can pick from this Spiced apple to the Vanilla chai and the Frosted berries. It’s filled with a mini fruity scented shower gel, body butter and a mini cream bath lily.

Gingerbread socks – Accessorize £3.50

How fricking cute are these socks?!?! They’re ADORABLE. I want them and need them in my life pronto. Super cheap as well! £3.50 – bargain! For these reasons why don’t you sweeten up the festive season with these gingerbread socks decorated with spots. Perfect to add into the stockings this year. Accessorize have a great range of different ones!

Winter glow – Yankee candle £8.99

Everyone has their homes lit up with candles over the Christmas period, right? I mean, I have them lit every season of the year but Christmas is a must have. I also had to pick the most Christmassy candle with the most Christmassy name, duhhhhhhh! This beautiful candle is perfect for a candle lover as most of us ladies are I’m sure. Winter glow is such a warm, relaxed sense of style that’s needed in everyones home. The scent of this candle is described the best way by Yankee candle : A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber sun rays. *Fricking hell, for a minute I thought I was there with all them frosted leaves.*

Floral Fragrance  – Zara £9.99

Zara perfumes are so fricking good it’s unreal. I adore their fragrances as they’re such a good price and smell amazing. I’ve always got to pick one up when I’m running low, they’re good size for being the perfume you always carry around in your handbag. This one I have selected above includes Bergamot – Rose – Recurrant – Peach – Cedar. B E A  U TIFUL.

The stockings were hung

by the chimney with care in hope St Nicholas soon would be there.

Little snow fairy – LUSH £9.95

First of all, lets just talk about the packaging. How cute is it? I know right, it’s pink it’s got a little bit of glitter to it. It’s the fricking ‘bomb’ for a stocking filler. Get it? Lol, I’m no fucking comedian. Let’s all be honest, we’re all obsessed with Lush products but mainly the bath bombs which make having a bath so much more enjoyable. Snow fairy is always a popular one too which is a bonus. It comes with the Snow Fairy shower gel and Snow fairy fun. 

Starbucks festive mug – Boots £8.50

It seems that there’s more people that craze about Starbucks than any other coffee shop. (I’m a Costa’s type of girl myself.) However this mug stood out to me where it’s super festive and pretty practical. This is something everyone would use in their stockings. It’s got the festive pattern and candy cane styled handle. It pairs along with large sized chocolate coins for the perfect Starbucks experience to be done in the comfort of your own home. It’s everything you need to finish off the cosy Christmassy drink indoors this winter. You must know a Starbucks lover that would enjoy this.

British rose beauty bag – The body shop £10.00 exactly!

What a more suited stocking filler than this beauty bag from body shop which will make someone feel bloomin’ special. It’s a beauty filled gift with everyones must-haves from the British Rose bath and body range. It comes in a reusable make-up bag, and it’s perfect for that special ‘her’. Inside includes the shower gel, body butter and hand cream. Everything you need to protect yourself from the frosty weather this year.

White chocolate coins – John Lewis – £1.00

Ok, so John Lewis just happened to have a picture of white chocolate coins. (My favourite!) Yes, you can just pick these up from anywhere but I wanted somewhere fancy like John Lewis than your local Co-operative. Don’t really have to go into details for these, they’re just the must have for every stockings at Christmas. Chocolate is everyones favourite, but you can be the one to decide what type of chocolate.

How excited are you for Christmas?


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