Ching ching, one more day until the fricking weekend baby.

How pretty is this photo of the famous red bus of London. Christmas lights, and everything so bright.

1. Bake cookies. I love baking, it’s so therapeutic! I don’t want to make any ordinary cookies, I want to add the taste of Christmas in them. Cinnamon, ginger, peanut butter and even make them in shapes like candy canes , ginger bread men. I will bake them and not want to eat them though, like I normally do. Lol.

2. Go to the German market in town. In Southampton, West Quay they always ALWAYS do a German market every year. I never ever go though? Well I go shopping, but dodge the market. There’s a bar where you can have a good drink and so many stools with different foods. It’s so popular, so this year I’m going to get myself involved.

3. Go to the Christmas markets in London. London is the best place to go to get into the Christmas spirit. The pretty lights, atmosphere and just to do some Christmas shopping. It’s so popular with Winter Wonderland but I’ve been for the past two years so we’re giving it a miss this time. ( If you haven’t been though, I recommend you go it’s so much fun – have a drink!) I want to go to Camden market, has anyone been before?!

4.  Buy new Christmas decorations. Every year my Mumma and I go to the garden centre and pick a new Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree. ( They have the most prettiest tree decorations EVER! ) We’ve done it since my Mum and Dad split and it’s something we’ve done every year. I get so excited because we make an evening out of it, we go for coffee too and have a good girlie evening.

5. Have a movie marathon with Christmas films. I loooooooove Christmas films – Elf, Santa Claus 1 2 and 3. I could go on forever. I have shared what I’m watching over Christmas, you can see just by clicking here. I cannot wait for the day it’s snowing outside to watch endless films. ( However just to snow whilst I’m watching the movies then to stop forever and never come back. I fricking hate the snow.) Who’s with me on this movie marathon day?!

6. Bake a Christmas cake for everyone. I am a good cake baker. My family don’t do baking so they all think I’m pretty good with me cakes. I normally just bake a chocolate cake, with chocolate filling, with chocolate bars and buttons on top. ( Pretty sickly, bloody tasty though.) I want to go for something different though, with frosting and Christmas decorations not just chocolate on top of chocolate. Pinterest come at me, for all these baking ideas!
(Ok, maybe not as good as these Lolas Cupcakes, jeeeez. I just thought it was totally acceptable to share this photo of them, considering I’ve been pretty crap at getting some photos together.)

7. Go to Bath for the christmas markets and spirit. Bath is so pretty at this time of year as I’ve heard. I’ve wanted to take a trip here for some time but haven’t managed to get round it as of yet. It’s a pretty place to visit with some history to it.

8. Take more photos. Every Christmas I always think *I never took enough photos.* I love taking photos, if I could I would take a photo of everything I do in life with so much detail just to look back on. I can take a photo of a building/tree/park and think it’s beautiful. Photography is everything to me deep down. I want photos of my family all having good fun, sat around the Christmas dinner table and even opening presents! My nephews hoping for a puppy this Christmas and so bloody am I! I want them to get one so badly. (Jordan/Lauren, I’ve heard you read this – get one please!)

9. Spend some quality time with my Dad. Something a little personal, but something that needs to 100% happen this year. I normally take turns on where I spend Christmas day between my parents. ( If you didn’t already know – my parents are divorced.) You know now! However, even though this year it’s my Mums turn – I’ve decided I’m going to my Dads. In fact, he doesn’t even know that yet. I don’t get to spend much time with my Dad, as I’ve always been ‘daddy’s little girl’ – I think this is an exception this year.

10. Go totally over the top on my wrapping this year. Ok, I’ve decided to go full on out this year. I’ve got wrapping paper, ribbon and them little sticker things you put on presents to make them totally cute. I’ve also got an added extra that I’m adding to this collection of wrapping presents. Totally OTT as everyone is just going to tear the wrapping off to open their presents. OH WELL.

What’s on your bucket list this Christmas? 

Going anywhere nice?


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