Counting down to Christmas use to be the most exciting thing before actual Christmas Day. Nothing could ever beat Christmas day when you was younger and leading up to it was great having to open a new door on your advent calendar. Having a sneaky little chocolate in the morning totally put you in the #girlboss mood for the day. I always felt naughty for doing it, although it was totally allowed.

Getting a little chocolate doesn’t do the trick to us 20 year olds anymore. We need a little beauty, skincare, treat yo’self little moments. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one this year, just find out what looks best and be ready to get your hands on one next year! I’m going to end up with so many next year – you watch. The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar was a present from me to me! I think you should treat yourself to something leading up to Christmas. Something that you really want, this is the reason I got myself one of these. Come find me on Instagram by clicking here for the countdown to Christmas which I’ll feature daily on my Insta Story!

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the

 world are things we can’t see.

Although chocolate advent calendars seem a little childish to some people – who doesn’t love chocolate? I decided to pick Lee and I up a malteser advent calendar!

How are you counting down to Christmas this year?


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