It’s the weekend for it to be totally acceptable to be totally wreckless. It’s new years and it’s going to be a fun weekend for everyone. (Accept my Mum, she’s working the poor women.) Although she’ll still be with friends to celebrate the new year. I love new years, it’s a great way to set new goals for the year and to accomplish them. Blogmas is  nearly over and it’s been a fun, exciting but hard-working month. It’s been totally worth it and I’ve enjoyed every day of it.

You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

– C.S. Lewis

Get to 5,000 followers on Instagram. I’m currently running up to the 2,000 followers on Instagram. Social media isn’t about how many followers you’ve got and how many likes you can get on your photos. No. However, it helps. Seeing people take interest into your accounts, photos and content makes you feel pretty darn good about it. Instagram is my most used app on my phone over anything. Instagram is my portfolio. It’s there to show what I got to give and what I’m possible of doing. Whether it’s the quality of the photo or the way I layout my flatlays. Instagram, I’m so guilty of and that’s why I’m setting myself a pretty big goal for it this year.

Up my photography game. I’m currently switching between the two Iphone 7 and my Nikon camera. I have nothing fancy but I certainly want to up my game. I know I’m good with the camera and fiddling around with what the camera can do. I did photography in college and I want to improve my photos for my blog let alone Instagram. I’m looking at the new Olympus pen which is very eye catching with everyone ranting and raging about how good it is. Is there a camera you would recommend to someone like myself? I also want to get good lighting for my photos, that I’ll purchase from Amazon and tripod.

Save money well. I’m no good at the saving side of life, I’m pretty fucking good at spending it all though. This is the year that I save, save, save. There is so much I want to do this year as well as get my hands on but I need to chill out a little. I’ve over done it this year with the spending money situation. I wanna move out with my boyfriend and have our own pad we can just do what the hell we want in. I wanna get my own future on the go and put together the interior of my first home. I want my own office.

Go on a city break. Paris, Berlin, Barcelona. I want to go somewhere, actually just anywhere and everywhere. I’m more of your city type of girl than somewhere hot and sweaty. I mean I love just sitting there endlessly and just enjoying the sunshine with the classic Tequila Sunrise in my hand. I love exploring, shopping and just eating all the different foods. I want to experience the culture of the world.

Include more fashion posts on Instagram/ At the moment it’s all about beauty and lifestyle. This is what I focus on a whole lot more and am more comfortable with. However, being on my new diet and hopefully loosing some weight means I’ll feel more body confident. I want to get new clothes and show them off and style them with you all. Is this something you’d be all interested in? I have actually done a Primark haul in the past and included a try on here, if you liked this you might like more? You can find the post by clicking here.

What’s your goals for 2017?

2017 shit me, time is going so fast!!



    • January 1, 2017 / 10:34 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you. Happy New Year <3

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