This is where I start with a good big ‘eurghhhhhhhhh’. Christmas can be so tiring can’t it? I haven’t even done any form of exercise to have the excuse to use the word ‘exhausted’. However, the Christmas period of food, alcohol, late nights and shopping can get on top of you right? The stress of Christmas is causing me to not sleep properly and it’s driving me insannneee. I have no idea how I’m going to cope when I have children, I’ll be totally dead.

1. Starting off with the obvious. Be prepared. (Something, I didn’t stick to.) Whether this is related in your mind to blogging, Christmas shopping or what you’re even doing over the Christmas period. It’s pretty different to stick to this ‘preparation.’ I started off well with presents, but I’ve still got people yet to buy for. Most of my family are pretty straight forward and just want money, boring – but they asked for it. Blogmas started off pretty well too, but I’m loosing that Christmas spark through this month. I’m preparing everything for the new year instead and I need to focus on NOW. At least focusing on this very moment, means I’ll still be here for the New Year.

2. Write lists. *He’s making a list, checking it twice.* (I had to, sorry.) I write the lists, but I DON’T EVER CHECK IT TWICE. I get myself in a pickle and end up loosing my shit because this festive period just takes a toll on me. I take too much stuff on over Christmas that I feel like my heads going to blow, and I can’t relax and enjoy my favourite month of the year.

3. Something that hasn’t been going so ‘swiftly’ for me. Sleep. Sleep, sleep sleep. You need your SLEEP. Ok? If you don’t sleep your brain doesn’t function properly. When your brain doesn’t function properly – you end up in a total mess like mwah. Uh-huh honey – it isn’t pretty and nor am I nice sometimes. Andddd nobody wants to be on the naughty list.

4. Take a break. YOU NEED TO TAKE THAT FRICKING BREAK. Whether you’re taking a break from social media, friends, the world. Sometimes you just need to ignore the world. Ever done that? It feels amazzzzzing. On the weekend sometimes Lee and I just ignore the world for a few hours, or even most of the day – it’s totally ok. Everything and everyone is still there from when you was last active on Facebook or went to work on Friday.

5. Blogging chums – take as much photos as you can when you actually have the time. Nothing worse than taking just a few photos ‘thinking it’s enough’-  then soon realising you need more but it looks like it’s midnight outside, when in fact it’s only five in the afternoon. Christmas time it’s 70% dark most days actually 90% it’s England for ya! There’s clouds everywhere, it’s dark and it looks like a storm is going to approach every. single. day. of. my. life. Get it?

6. If you’re hosting Christmas at your house, don’t leave it until Christmas Eve to get your food in. ARGH, food shopping annoys the SHIT out of me. Everyone acts like the worlds about to end and we all need to stock up on food, before the aliens invade. To be honest, there’s no right time to go Christmas food shopping. Everyone goes after work, before work, 10pm at night. There’s people everyyywhere. Just before you go shopping, make a list, take a pen and check it off!!! (We’ve all got home and realised we forgot the pigs in blankets or something.)

7. Plan ahead. Yes, plan ahead. Want to go out with friends for a Christmas drinks? Plan it in advance. Christmas is ridiculous with going out for food – everywhere is busy busy busy. There’s nothing worse than being disappointed when you can’t get yourselves somewhere nice to eat. If you’re going shopping, plan it so you go when it’s not ‘peak time’. For West Quay I like to go after five as the shops don’t close until nine. This way, the parking is just £1 and the car park has more spaces to pick from and you can actually walk with ten bags under your arm without bashing into everyone as you’re walking along. Handy, aye?

I’ve made myself sound like an absolute Grinch really. Anyone would think I’m punching this keyboard with getting my point across. I’m not, I’m currently waiting for my food to cook and I’m pretty hungry, and when I’m hungry – I get HANGRY. (Hungry/Angry.) Anyway, the moral of this post is? DON’T BE SO UNORGANISED. The End.

Are you organised this Christmas?
(If you are, then that certainly makes one of us!)


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