Happy hump day! (Hump day – being the middle of the week!)
Not long until the weekend, is it me or is the cold weather/this time of the month make going to work so much harder sometimes? Being so comfy, wrapped up in my bed sheets all warm – certainly doesn’t make me want to quickly jump out of bed for my morning pee and shower. There’s nothing worse than having a shower in the morning and it being fucking freezing in the house. Nah-uh-huh. Not for me sweetie, it’s all about whacking that heating up to full pelt – that meaning the towel is going to be dreamy and warm. There’s nothing better than getting into the Christmas spirit though, singing along to the whole famous ‘jingle bells’ doesn’t always just do the trick.

1. CHRISTMAS SONGS. Oh yeah, listening to them on the radio or when you’re shopping. I love it when you’re doing the Christmas shopping and you have Mariah Carey on in the background ‘all I want for Christmas is youuuuu’. Makes you just want to sing your heart out and pro-long the ‘youuu’ forever and ever.

2. WATCHING CHRISTMAS FILMS. AHHHH YES! I love a good Christmas film. As soon as they were out on sky – I was straight on it. Flickering through, and downloading the ones I want to watch. This month is all about Christmas movie marathons. I have to say The Grinch is my top pick. What’s yours?

3. PUTTING THE CHRISTMAS TREE UP. Ok, not every year we get a real Christmas tree. This year it’s a no from us. We had a struggle last year, and it made such a mess so we’re just going to get the fake one. Fake one lol. ( You know what I mean.) I love decorating the Christmas tree, I can’t help but get a little chatty – I get excited.

4. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I can’t say this is my favourite as this can become very stressful in a short amount of time. I don’t even have to get into the shopping centre to get stressful, parking is bad enough sometimes. Although, when I feel like I’ve had a good shop,there’s not a better feeling. I love buying presents for other people, I get so excited and find it EVER so difficult to not spoil the surprise.

5. OPENING UP THE CELEBRATIONS A LITTLE TOO EARLY. When Christmas starts coming up,  my Mum will go out and buy all the chocolate at stages. Whenever she does buy any well ahead before Christmas, she’ll either hide them from us or ask the question. ‘If I get them now, they’re not being opened until Christmas, ok?’ Phaaaaa, yeah of course not little Mel. Oh, what does Mumma get herself into sometimes. She could never put the chocolate on the Christmas tree because my brothers and I use to pick at them and, leave the rubbish just hanging from the tree.

6. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Yay to the person that invented Christmas lights. They make everything so pretty, accept the people that think it’s completely acceptable to smother their homes in Christmas light decorations outside. We use to have a road in my home town that did the wholeeee street, every house would be decorated so beautifully in Christmas lights, however the near by residents complained about the parking. They had to cancel it after that, it was for charity too and made such a good trip outside after an evening of work.

7. CHRISTMAS PARTIES/MEALS. Work do’s, and going out for Christmas dinner with friends. I’ve got Lee’s work do, mine at work and I’m also going for a Christmas dinner with the girls. I am so excited for all of this. Perfect way to get into the spirit. I’m a little nervous for Lee’s as I haven’t seen any of his work friends/partners since the last Christmas do. Lol. Wish me luck.

8. WRAPPING THE PRESENTS. I’m one of those that wrap the presents extra early. ( I have to otherwise I will just end up giving in and spoiling peoples surprises.) I’m no pro at wrapping but I don’t think mine is too shabby. Not as good as my Mum, however she’s had yeaaarssss experience.

9. CHRISTMAS MARKETS. I love Christmas markets, I don’t ever buy anything – just to look around. Everyone is in a good mood, and I just love the smell of all the different foods they are offering. It’s like having all different cultures in one. I always see it as something different. Camden market is meant to be really good. Where have you been?

10. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. BAKEEEEEEEEEEEE. Get the baking ingredients out and the oven gloves. Show Mary Berry what baking is all about this Christmas. Bake cookies, cheese cake, desserts, Christmas pudding? GO FOR IT. 

What gets you into the Christmas spirit?


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  1. December 8, 2016 / 6:35 pm

    YES Christmas movies are my number one thing that bring me into the festive mood.. my fave has to be home alone!

    xx Lisa

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