So I’ve literary got myself home and got into my dressing gown and have drowned myself in chips and gravy. That sounds disgusting, that’s just what I decided to have for dinner as I am in no right frame of mind to stand and cook something adventurous. I haven’t even unpacked and probably won’t until the end of the week as I’m just such a busy girl that I totally forget. Not – I’m just lazy as when it comes to unpacking. (It doesn’t have the same effect as it does when you’re packing to go somewhere!) Lee and I decided to go to Liverpool and spend the weekend up there. Friday to Monday. We stayed with his cousins for two nights and watched the Liverpool game, and the Sunday night we decided to stay in a hotel for the night. We stayed in StayCity which is located a minute walk to Liverpool One Shopping Centre.

When we arrived, we checked in and got told we had been upgraded to the Penthouse room. SHAAAA-MAZING. I know, it was totally fab! The Penthouse was unreal. It has two double rooms, one with an en-suite. One single bedroom, and the main bathroom. It’s all opened planned with kitchen, diner and living room. It accommodates up to eight people (sofa beds.) There’s a balcony that surrounds the whole place looking out to the docks/the wheel and more. Underground parking too!

No sleep in the city.

Lee and I were totally over-whelmed by the room. It was just perfect, for anyone that wants to do shopping to nightlife – it’s perfect. The staff were super welcoming, and helpful. They let you know about everything you need to know about what’s happening within the area. If you’re planning on staying in Liverpool then I suggest you stay here! They have amazing apartments ranging from so many different rooms.

The hotel was super clean, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. They also have Staycity in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Manchester and more. Liverpool one shopping is really good great range of highstreet to highend/designer brands. There’s a great range of restaurants too and swanky bars. There was even this pretty Christmas Tree in the middle of Liverpool One! It has a bar underneath which is super Christmassy!!

Have you been to Liverpool? What’s your thoughts?!



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