H E Y Y M Y S E X Y P E O P L E !

Happy Hump day!

So if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter or have been reading my blog you will know that I went away to London last weekend. Lee and I went for his birthday, I paid for us to spend a night at the Washington Mayfair Hotel and we spent the whole time eating,drinking and shopping. Perrrrr-fect.

We had an early start to the Friday with the alarm going off at 5.15am. My actual thoughts at the time was WTF, I haven’t seen 5am in a very long time and I don’t plan to see it again – it wasn’t fricking pretty. We had to leave the house for 6.30am as we were driving to my Dad’s work to leave my car there as it’s very close by to Southampton National Express Coach Station. We departed from Southampton coach station at 7.30am which meant we got to London Victoria Station for 10.20am. Yes it took ages, but there wasn’t nothing we had to worry about! You just step on the coach and get off with no worries about luggage and having to transfer transport. I had a little entertainment from a lad sat next to me taking constant selfies, grooving one out to his music and then crawling around the bus to see if his phone charges. ( Yes they have plug sockets on the coaches!!)

We headed over to our Hotel, it took us roughly 20/25 minutes to walk to which was pretty good. We had to walk through Buckingham Palace and there was something happening down there as there was hundreds of people and we even got stopped because I had a suitcase on me. We arrived at the hotel around 11.10am and we checked into our hotel, they took our luggage as our room wasn’t quite ready so we was able to go and explore straight away. We headed over to Harrods and I picked up a Micheal Kors card holder which cost me £40 which I thought was really good. I also picked up a book which is by Aimee Song. 14.16pm we headed over to Starbucks and we had coffee, a triple cheese toastie and red velvet cake. Yummmmmmmmmm. (HA, bye slimming world. Seeeeeya.) We headed back to the hotel around 16.15pm which we was able to go up to our room and I took some pics of what I purchased, ate galaxy chocolate and flicked through my new book.

Soon got myself ready and we headed out around 20.00pm and got a taxi over to Covent Garden. It’s beautiful here, and it’s such a good atmosphere at night. We sat down in Maxwells which is situated within Covent Garden, we had some drinks at the  bar and sat down to eat when the table was ready. The atmosphere here was amazing, so up beat and happy. They were playing all R&B music, pretty loud but was good. Lee got himself the steak and I got fajitas – because Lee went all out with the steak I had to get pulled pork fries to go along with it. (Eyes bigger than my belly.) Because we had such a long day of walking and being up so early we headed back to the hotel around 22.00pm. We walked around nearby China town and things nearby but we were ready to hit the sack for the following day.

Maxwells was so yummy and delicious I’d recommend

everyone to go here for dinner, it’s perfect for 

families, friends and couples.

Have you been to London before?

Where’s good to go to visit/eat?


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