Yes, happy birthday to my number 1 man, best friend and soul mate. He’s turnt the big 23 which is pretty scary to come to terms with right now. Time flies by so much you don’t realise how old you are getting!! Growing up and suddenly wondering what am I doing in life? We don’t live together, but we are living such an amazing relationship together full of holidays, little get aways, laughs and making plenty of memories. I would like to move out soon, but I am enjoying all these things we are doing that we can look back on and see that we had a fun start before getting all serious with any marriage or children. *YIKES.*

For Lee’s birthday we are off to London on Friday for a one night stay at some fancy hotel nearby Mayfair. We are going up to do Christmas shopping, be tourists for a day or two and to make more memories. I want to find the most swankiest restaurants/cafes and bars as we won’t do this again any time soon. Got any advice on where’s good nearby Mayfair – let me know!!
However for today  ( it being Lee’s actual birth date) his Mum is cooking us all pizza’s!! Yumm!! There’s the goodbye to Slimming World, fuck sake lol. I’m very excited though as I love spending time with his family, it’s different and nice. We were going out for dinner, although Lee wanted to actually spend time with his family at some point as we’re away this weekend. ( Well most of it.)
I’m going to cover my room in balloons as well, so when we come back to mine after he’ll have to climb into bed with them everywhere and also his new snazzy chelsea boots! I’m being a total bitch and going to make him wait until the evening for presents and opening cards, soz babes – don’t ever do this to me if you’re reading this (I’ll kill ya.)

I always go over to the top for birthday’s and Christmas, I can’t help it I just loving spending money on other people and giving them gifts. Anyone would have thought it’s his big 30th or something!
This will be the third birthday I have shared with Lee, it’s nearly been four years (scary!) We were really good friends before getting together, in fact best friends. We always use to hang out and I never would have imagined I would be soon spending our fourth anniversary together if you asked me five years ago. In fact he actually made the move first, and soon after that we *officially* got together. Whenever your friends with someone and you like them – it’s very difficult to take the plunge of seeing how things go because it could end a friendship let alone a relationship. I was so worried about this at the beginning, but now I’m so glad I never let that get in my way. To be honest, friends and family also egged us on to get together, so thanks guys/pals.

( Don’t hate me Lee if you see this, he never wanted to featured on my blog but this is just an acceptation and this will be the only one!)

If you wanna come and see what I get up to in London then you can follow me on Instagram , here.

If not, then you’ll hear about it very soon!

Add me guys – username : tayjanenicole 
( Every other name was fricking taken so this is what I ended up with and they don’t allow more than 15 letters – fuming!)



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