Soz, it had to happen fellow readers. I couldn’t write this whole post without slipping that in somewhere, so I thought I’d add it in first. How satisfying is this picture? Candle lit, just finished doing my make up ready to show this Sunday what I’ve frigging got. Jokes, Lee will finish football have a headache and properly want a lazy day after being in London this weekend. Sounds sweet to me though! You always need to give your body/mind rest and just have a little ‘me’ time or ‘us’. You never want to over do it, otherwise that’s when you find yourself in a little rut where you don’t know what to write, what to take photos of or even just live normal day to day life. It’s pretty easy giving yourself a break, might be difficult on the sides of not touching your phone for social media, and not opening the laptop up. You just need to do things that you love and relaxes you even if it’s watching the whole collection of Harry Potter films. (I’m sorry, I haven’t even watched the Harry Potter films – disown me .. I know!)

Have the most over the top bubble bath surrounded by enough candles to fill the local church. Honestly, if you don’t like baths then are you even human? Or even a blogger? Everyone loves baths mainly because of Lush products. However, I’ve always been a ‘bath type of girl’ – I will get the whole sha-bang! You will find me under a whole load of bubbles, with candles scattered everywhere I can possibly fit them round the edge of the bath tub. I will have Lush bath bombs to make it all look snazzy and funky – that’s when I haven’t ran out. Always got to add an added extra with a good hot brew and marshmallows or even a glass of wine.

Read a book. Not so fabulous – stick the fairy lights on and candles (again) and slip into your imagination and create the characters for the book your reading and get really stuck in. I’m currently reading ‘Me before you’ – I’ve been reading this for ages, however I never really have the time I just read a chapter at a time. ( Every sunday, lol.)

Go for a walk/a drive. There’s nothing better than just going out the front door to explore. Whether you’re going for a walk along the sea front of a drive through the country side. I enjoy these and wish I did these a whole lot more, my friends and I use to just drive places and see where we ended up whether we’d get out and walk or just go for a drink at the local pub in the area. This is why I miss having a dog for the reason of going out for walks, as them walks were always the best and muddiest!

If you feel stressed, give yourself a break.

Eat some cake, ice cream, chocolate or other sweets. Why?

Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

Go to the nearest spa and have a treatment done. Ah, this is something I wish I could do on a daily/weekly basis. I love having my nails done, I love massages – however I’ve never actually had a massage done professionally. The amount of times I’ve asked Lee to go for a spa day in some hotel along Brighton sea front or in the middle of no where – he always says no. This would make the perfect Mum and daughter date, Mum lets do this. *PLEASE?!*

Sleep. Currently Lee is asleep and gave me this idea. I haven’t been sleeping to well recently, on weekends I’m even waking up at 7.00am/7,30am and it’s bloody nasty. There’s nothing worse than waking up early and having to wait around for Lee and everyone else in the household to rise from their beds. Napping can seem lazy but when you’re having struggles like me – napping is the best thing ever. However, sometimes you can wake up feeling worse which happens 99% of the time. So I’d try having a big bubble bath before hand, they always make you feel fabulous.

Have an evening or even a few hours away from social media. This has been proved difficult plenty of times for me. However the best trick is to let your phone run out battery and put it on charge until it’s reached 100%. That way you’ve had a few hours away from your phone, you totally forget about it after a while. Charge it upstairs and sit downstairs watch the latest TV series, make some dinner and watch some more TV. I haven’t had a whole evening without social media, but that is something I will be introducing one a week or every two as sometimes I feel like I’m more glued to my phone than I am to Lee. *sad times.*

What do you do to unwind and relax?

How often do you give yourself a break?


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  1. November 21, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    I agree with everything you said! I personally love to switch off my phone (okay not off but I set it to airplane mode) and just watch whatever I want on Netflix. The best is when I also light some candles. But I really need to put my phone aside otherwise I will look into it and probably edit some pictures or schedule posts.. and it's not really relaxing!

    xx Lisa

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