YOOOO GIRLFRIENDS/BOYFRIENDS. I’m feeling like I’ve got that FRIDAY FEELING. Happy friday to you, happy friday to you! It’s Friday and I’m off to London the big LDN. I’m currently on the coach from Southampton to London Victoria and I’m super excited to explore London one day and the other to shop shop shop! We’re only going up for one day, and it’s for Lees birthday as his birthday was on Wednesday. We’re staying at some snazzy hotel by Mayfair. Be sure to come follow me on Instagram as there’s going to be plenty going on – on my Instagram story as well as account!

I have a new few favourites to share with you, so this is what you’re getting for now whilst I watch my views go up and up as I’m going to be pretttty bored for these couple of hours of just constantly scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin’. Come comment on my latest pic on Instagram on where’s good to go in London close by to Mayfair, you can find me here..

Tea & Biscuits. I think it’s acceptable every day after work to start my ‘home time’ with a cuppa and a couple of biscuits which I end up fighting with myself to not put my hand back in the cookie jar. That’s my answer to my question onto how I’m putting weight back on? I’m a cookie monster and I’ve become addicted! I never ever ate biscuits and drank tea as much as I do now, I blame my friends. I use to go round my friends with the other girls and sit talk about boys, gossip whilst dipping biscuits into our mugs. I cannot have one cup of tea without having at least one biscuit to dip into it.

The Missing. YESSSS! The missing!! It’s confusing as fuck right? I know, I’m totally confused after every series I sit their clueless. Lee and I find ourselves rewinding back to clips to try investigate what’s going on and getting to the bottom of everything before the series has even finished. These programmes are so clever because they get you absolutely clueless and it becomes such a mystery.(Although, doesn’t take me much to become clueless *yano?* ) It’s so good though, who do you think done it to Alice and Sophia? If you don’t watch it then get on catch up and record and watch! YOUR MISSING OUT. Get it? Lol.

Lipstick. I’ve never been a lipstick type of girl. I get my lip waxed usually and I’d never wear lipstick if I was due to having my lip done. I was so paranoid but recently there’s been no fucks given and I’m loving the lipstick. ( I haven’t had my lip done in weeks!! Eeeeeeeek!) This is the time of year that all the berry lipsticks and reds come out and it’s totally acceptable for anyone to wear it. I’m loving Loreal and Maybelline lipsticks at the moment. What about you?

Fiorelli Bag. Lee surpised me with this bag that I wanted, I went to the store and came across this bag was sending him photo’s to whether I should buy it or not. I came out the store empty handed, until he came over that evening he surprised me with throwing on my lap as a gift to me. HOW CUTE. (I know.) I wanted this bag as it reminds me so much of all the designer bags I can’t actually afford right now, in fact EVER. So I’m pretty chuffed with this little one.

Going out for breakfast/coffee with friends. Sunday mornings are becoming a little regular. It’s something different and I’ve realised I love going out for breakfast. Breakfast is so important to include within your daily routine. However, I struggle to keep to this every day so Sunday is my way to make up for it. I don’t always pick the healthiest options but it’s still breakie! Live within Hampshire/Southampton – be sure to viist Josies in Bishops Waltham or even Winchester! (Delicious and cute!)

Peace up readers, I’m off to show LDN what I’ve got. 




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