When removing your eye make up you should handle with more care, skin around the eyes are thinner and more delicate and fragile than the rest of your skin. You don’t want to rub too harshly, and you also don’t want to use the same side cotton pad over and over. You should treat your eyes with great care and place the product onto a cotton pad and allow it to sink into your lashes to remove the mascara.

I have used Garnier eye make up remover for quite some time now, that the old one is now officially empty! I don’t like to use the same products over and over again, like repetitive use. I like to use different products every evening as I don’t want my skin to get comfortable with the product and it not to give the same effect. I discovered that Garnier have just recently brought out exactly the same product but with a new formula – it’s now a 2 in 1! Brilliant, right?

So what’s the difference?

Old Garnier – Fresh eye make up remove, even for sensitive skin. It perfectly removes eye make up and soothes the skin, it respects the delicate skin around the eye. It’s enriched with apple extract.

New Garnier – Express 2 in 1 eye make up remover, it removes all make up even waterproof. It’s ultra-efficient and protects your eye lashes. No rubbing required, no greasy feel and it’s gentle to the eyes. Enriched with arginine.

Whether it’s the new Garnier which is different or the fact I’ve changed how I remove my make up, it’s a whole different and easier than the old. When removing I now shake the product so the formula is all mixed and then put a small amount onto the cotton pad and press the pad against my lashes. This way the formula can soak into the lashes, then when gently wiping the pad against my eye it removes a lot more product. Without realisng it does instruct you to use the product this way but I did it before realising and it really makes it a lot easier!
It says the new one isn’t greasy but but I found the formula to be a whole lot more oily. However it’s not a problem as you’re only using it around your eyes and not on your skin. That’s the only down side but it’s not a big issue. The product works amazingly, and is really delicate against the skin. I suffer from sensitive skin, although this doesn’t instruct it’s for sensitive skin – I’ve been alright!

Have you tried either the old/new Garnier eye make up remover?



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