Oh my bloody golly gosh, let me just tell you guys. This breakfast was UNREAL. Alsoooo I changed my hairrrrrr. This was an exciting two things that happened this week, and I’m so glad I did it!

A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to go for some breakfast. Lee goes to football on Sunday morning, and we headed down to a cute little village in Hampshire – Bishops Waltham. It’s so picture perfect with a little lane with coffee shops and antique shops. There’s a coffee shop that’s situated in the village of Bishops Waltham that I’ve wanted to visit for so long. Josie’s, they also have one situated in Winchester. It’s so pretty, it serves everything to croissants, pancakes, cooked breakfasts and cake. It’s not only somewhere to go for breakfast it serves lunch and wine. The staff was so lovely and very welcoming. It was a perfect morning to catch up with the girls and just have girlie chat over breakfast. We all got pancakes, yes they were divine.
I got a breakfast tea (pot of tea) with water that had cucumber in it. ( Wasn’t a fan at first, but it was pretty refreshing after a while.) Would defiantly drink this again. To go along with this I got the pancakes off the specials. Ready for this? Butterscotch Marshmallow Pancakes which included cookie dough pieces, toasted marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch sauce. Yes I did fucking eat this at 11am in the morning and YES it was bloody divine. I have a sweet tooth alright? I got the 2 stack, you can pick out of 2 or 3. It ended up being very sickly but so totally worth it! The girls got pancakes with bacon, egg and maple syrup and a toastie. It all looked pretty good to me.

Here’s a few of what else they do *photos taken from Josiesbw Instagram which you can find with this username!

I went for the chop and got the fringe! What do you guys think?! I’m liking it, but I don’t know how long for! Lol 


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