This is something we can all agree on. We all compare ourselves to others, whether it’s your best friend or someone in a magazine or a celebrity. We can’t help doing this, it’s something we all have in common.

I’m so guilty of this, but when I am feeling great about myself – I bloody show the world. If I’m having a good day I will post a photo up of myself on social media. I like to keep reminding myself that I do look good, and I deserve to feel confident in myself. I should be able to walk into a room or even a shop and not worry whose judging me.
Although this doesn’t always last for very long at all. I suffer with bringing myself down a lot, we all do it regularly when it’s our hormonal time of the month. We never feel good when we’re on our periods. Periods are our worst enemy, they make you want to eat everything you see in sight and eat a whole bag of caramel nibbles but soon enough you’ll be feeling like a fat gutty pig and be kicking yourself for scoffing it down your neck. ( Although they tasted so delicious, before you know it the whole bag is empty.)

Body confidence can eat you up inside, but we all deserve to feel confident and great about ourselves.
Don’t focus on what everyone looks like and what their body shape is, focus on yourself.

Also, don’t hate yourself for one bad meal or snack. One bad meal/snack isn’t going to change your weight – just like one healthy meal/snack won’t make you loose it. Don’t let your mind suffer.

Instead of picking out all the things you hate about your body, start picking out what you love. There must be something you love/*like* about yourself. Don’t focus on the negatives. Be positive about yourself and life.

I mean, I don’t always take my own advice – but who does? Just tell yourself..

I am beautiful.

You are beautiful.

If you struggle with anything related to this post, and you’d like to speak to someone about this. Feel free to email me, please. Don’t hold back, you can find my email on my ‘Contact’ page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’m good with my emails, promise. ox


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