Hello to you lovely reader. I’m extremely excited to show you my recent purchases from Primark. I actually only made these purchases yesterday but I couldn’t wait to show you. Lee and I went over to Winchester which is around half an hour away from my home. It’s so beautiful here with all the cute houses, the perfect village and a quaint highstreet which is so lively. I love this highstreet, they have singers, the market and the vibe is so positive on a weekend. Exactly what you need when starting or ending your weekend. It’s so vintage – I love it. Our plan of action was Primark and a good pasty. That’s exactly what we did!

Black super high waisted jeans.
Jeans? Jeans are just jeans to me. These are just black, no rips no pockets. Pretty plain, just to wear with anything and everything. They’re high waisted and are super stretchy – so super comfortable! I’d love to show you these, but I had to wash them straight away as they smelt like paint for some reason? God knows.

Khaki midi skirt.

I loveeeee this skirt. I am loving it, loving it. You can either dress this up with a nice pair of simple heels and a top like I have on below, or you could dress this down with tights and little black boots. I can picture this for christmas eve drinks for a pub sort of outfit. Although, I can see this as a really nice item for new years outfit. The material just seems so much more worth than £10.00! The details with the pockets too, makes this super cute.

Pastel pink bomber.

This jacket is the bomb. You might have seen a sneak peak on my Instagram. This just cost me £16.00. It’s a padded bomber, and I just love the colour. The quality is good, although not something I think would keep you very dry. It goes along lovely with my new stripe jumper too. Everyone loves a bomber jacket. I craze them.

3 layered choker.

Not going to lie, I just liked the khaki added colour to this choker. Layered as well so you can mix and match which goes where. I can also mix and match with other chokers I have already purchased before. I picked this up for just £3.00.


    I currently have this jumper on as I’m typing away. Super comfy, not that old itchy material you get. Can’t stand that. I just love the mix of colours – brown, dark blue ( wouldn’t say navy) and pastel pink. Perfect combination of colours for this time of year. This just cost me £10.

Invisible socks white/black.
Socks are socks, right?! These are the socks that I’m forever having fights with when I’ve got my shoes on as they just slip straight off! So I picked up some more from Primark. These look like they might be a decide size for the shape of the foot. I picked these up for £3.50 each, yes these were more expensive than the choker? Lol.

Is there any of the items above, you fancy picking up yourself?

Did you enjoy this post? 

Have a lovely rest of the weekend guys!



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