Everyone loves a holiday right? Something we look forward to every year, I love booking them gets me so excited! It’s always better getting on a plane and getting out of England, although staying within the UK is seeming pretty appealing to me next year as next year is a year of saving money and not going on some luxury holiday. The UK is a pretty country and so much to see and I’d love explore places I’d never imagine going. I could have added a thousand places on this list but I’ve stuck with three as I am visiting two of these before 2016 ends!

Brighton. Yes I’ve been to Brighton before, this is why I want to go back so badly. I want the perfect date night with Lee on a Saturday evening of going on Brighton Pier and playing every game in the arcade getting a stick of rock and eating candy floss – followed by going to the cool American Diner down the sea front to scoff my face with burgers and pancakes. This sounds soooooo good, I want to go here so bad. Maybe even stay over night and forget about the world the following day with a Spa day in some extravagant hotel.

Cornwall. Ever heard of Forest Holidays? They have some amazing cabins that are located within the woods and it’s just so perfect for this time of year. You get a hot tub, and that’d just be so dreamy. Maybe be a little chilly but so totally worth it! They just look so warm and inviting, be perfect sat by the fire with a good glass of red.

Chelsea. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Lee and I love a good shopping trip! I want to go here for the luxury life, that can last about five minutes as this is an expensive part of London or what?! The crazy bear hotel looks incredible too that’s situated within Chelsea. Harrods close by too, I looooove Harrods.

Where would you like to visit within England?! 


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