Helloooooo weekend, right? I love weekends specially this weekend – consumes of cocktails, macaroons, shopping, date nights and afternoons in bed when it’s raining out. Yes I do have the cinnamon candle lit! Purrrrr-fection. I’m just about to try out this new facial mask out, and I’m so excited lol. This is how exciting my afternoon is getting, accept when I have to get myself looking at least half decent for this evening.

Today was laaaavley. Lee and I got ourselves up early to get ourselves over to Gunwharf Quays. I’m sure you’ve heard me speak about here before. It’s an outlet store in Portsmouth which is so handy to have 20 minutes down the motorway! I did have a little spend, could have spent sooo much more today but I actually told myself, no. I picked up some bits from body shop which I love! 

I also picked up some Macaroons. My first time trying them!!!!!! Crazy I know, I’m good at jumping on the bandwagon a little toooo late. They were delicious! Not quite sure on every colour/flavour? Can’t work out what they’re meant to taste like but the texture and flavour is yummmayy. I’m such a fussy eater I’m generally shocked I liked them, but I’m all for something sweet. I have a BIG ‘sweet tooth’ as people say.

I picked these up from a very popular cafe in Ghunwharf Quays which is named Patisserie Valerie. They serve best quality cakes and patisseries, continental breakfasts, lunches and the finest teas and coffees. (THE CAKES ARE AMAZING. I’M GOING BACK TO TRY THEM SOON.) They even do cakes for occasions for customers too, which are incredible looking. They also sell their own gelato – Italian style ice cream in a range of flavours! 

They look delicious right? 

Even though, these looked amaze and I was so upset we didn’t eat here. Lee decided we was going to eat at The Cornish Bakery. They serve traditional pastries, croissants, tea/coffee, scones and other pastries. Lee got a traditional Cornish pasty, and I got a ham and cheese croissant – SO GOOD. It was warm, crispy and so enjoyable to eat. Perfect for brunch, considering I always forget to eat breakfast on the weekends. Anyone else do this or just me?

 Can we just take a moment to realise that there is finally a cafe/restaurant that has marble tables? Just the perfect blogger photo,right? 

And here’s what I picked up for shopping!

Reviews to follow shortly friends. 

What do you want to hear about first? Do you use Body Shop skin care products?


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