So none of you would know but I use to have bleach blonde hair, before turning to the dark side. I wasn’t sure on the dark for starters but it’s grown on me massively. So many friends and family have told me how much more I suit this colour and how much colour it gives my skin! ( Odd! It’s the make up people, I’m a ghost under the mask! ) I’ve been thinking for the past few months that I want to have lighter bits through out my hair, whether it’s highlights or back to the ombre. I asked around to a few friends that do hair for a living, but no one wanted to touch my hair! It would just damage my hair and no one wanted to do that. ( Take me back in time!)

Because everyone told me to grow it out / let it fade, I came across this ‘retouch’ by L’oreal. I picked it up from Sugerdrug for just £6.99, total bargain! I went out with friends on a Friday evening and realised ( last minute as per) that you could see my roots coming through. This is where I decided to spray this onto my hair with just little time remaining before our lift came to collect us.
WHAT A FRICKING MISTAKE THIS WAS. Why oh why did I think this was a perfectly good idea? I’m full of these stupid mistakes I’ll tell ya.
So first of all, this got everywhere. It also dyed my scalp ONLY. It didn’t really do much for the hair, it looked like I had a wig on I think? Where I had sprayed the product, my hair became rock solid and stiff. I couldn’t put my hands through my hair as I would just get black all over my fingers. It was terrible! Too much hassle to deal with on a night out. We all think it’s good idea gliding our hands through our hair to look shexy – nah not with this in your hair mate.
I just spent the evening feeling paranoid because I kept putting my hands through my hair, as I do all the time (without realising). So every time I would be asking friends if I had any black on my face. ARGH it’s just such an annoying product. It might be because I used black, but I just wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. I was so hyped up for this product, it’s definitely not worth the hype friends.

Anyone else used this product?

What was your experience with it? Maybe you used a different colour?!


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