Never have I ever, brought anything online and felt extremely happy about my purchases.
On Wednesday I got paid and thought ‘fuck it’ my exact words. I have given up smoking for a week and managed to save soo much money from it. Instead of just having it sit in my bank looking lost, I thought take a little trip onto I bloody loved everything I saw. Whoops!

I had three things in my basket, and went to the check out. I saw that they had 3 for 2 deal going on with a promo code, that was advertised on their site. *Winner winner, chicken dinner!* I theeeeeennn, got to the ‘promo’ code option and it already had a code entered. I just went for it, andddd it gave me 25% off!!! Wtfff. I literary leaped off my chair, I was at work secretly seeing what I could get my hands on. Then I had to share what was going on with the lady that works opposite me, awks.

Anyways, lets share with you guys my three item missguided haul, which I am so pleased with..

First item, was these cute little cut-out ankle boots.
Not only are they the perfect autumn shoe… THEY WERE JUST £10!!
What a bloody bargain, for them to have a size 5 in stock too is just fabulous for a Wednesday morning. This never happens to Taylor – believe me. However, these are now out of stock and no longer on their website but they have a range of lush boots which are similar within the sale.
Theses boots are the perfect boots to go with the ripped jean look and a good autumn piece of knitwear.

Secondly, the choker neck sweatshirt in nude. ( for the link click here. )
This sweatshirt is amazzzzinggg. I wasn’t too sure about it for starters, but the choker/neckline really dresses this jumper up for an evening occasion. It’s got a slouchy fit to it, which is always a winner. I cannot wait to wear this over the cold winter season, they do this also in a range of other colours and others similar. I will be certainly purchasing another one or two similar to this very soon.

Thirdly, pocket front t shirt sweater  – nude. ( for the link click here. )
This is in the ‘eazy yeazy’ collection on their site. I’m a massive fan of a lot on this collection range, it’s all the nude/blush pink colours I’m loving at the moment. This is a very casual sweater, I would also say get a size smaller than you would normally, I would return this for a size smaller but just can’t be arsed with it. It’s a loose fit with cropped sleeves, that really gives it that yeazy vibe. Another great item, which would look good with ripped jeans.

They’re alsoooo doing 10% off everything. If your a student you get 25% off which excludes the sale. Missguided is a reasonable price, and has a great clothes range. If you haven’t come across it, then here is the website here.

Here’s a few things that’s currently on my wish list for Miss Guided..

What’s on your wishlist?


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