Hip hip horraayyy! I cannot be any happier as you can gather. Last weekend it consisted getting over my flu, as I spent last week alllllll at home if you didn’t fricking know already. Won’t hear about that shit again, I promise. Any how, it’s Friday Friday – gotta get down on Fridaaaay. I have never felt so happy to feel like a normal human being. I can finally go a few hours without coughing, there’s no more crying, sleepless nights and days being a slob around the house. I’m back to work and finally enjoying my favourite month of the year.

Here’s what I’ve got for you this week..

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Colouring Book. Ohhhh yeah. I’ve just jumped on this bandwagon a little too late. This has been my life saver when I was poorly. Daytime TV is sooo rubbish, and boring, I wasn’t interested in the laptop what so ever so this was my alternative. I am addicted to it, I’ve literlary had it for three days and completed 3 or 4.
(These things take a very long time to colour in!) There was so many different ones to choose from, this sort of thing would be perfect for a long haul flight or like I said being poorly. I’d 100% recommend Millie Marotta’s colouring books, as there’s such a huge range of different ones.

X Factor. Everyone loves a bit of x factor, it leads up to Christmas!! It’s the countdown to not only Christmas, my birthday too. The first auditions is what I mainly love, but the six chair challenge is pretty ruthless. By this point, I end up watching it until the finals because I’ve got myself far into it. I’m actually liking Nicole Scherzinger this year, she normally gets on my nerves where she’s pretty attention seeking on there. Simon is so much better now he isn’t just a miserable fuck.

Missguided Silk Pajamas’s. YES. I love this pajama set so much. I have had so many people compliment the photo’s I’ve taken wearing this set. It fits beautifully onto my skin, and is so comfortable. It’s a silk/satin material, so be carefulllll you don’t spill anything. I’m good at that, you know just casually washing your hands and the whole tap decides to spray at ya. Next minute, you look like you’ve got a dick and pissed all over yourself. ( as you do.)  To take the perfect outfit photo, you’ve got to be alert for anything that possibly could just water mark it. Even ya perfume, or deodorant. Can you see my situation here? Toughy, toughy, tough one.

Instagram. It’s been my partner in crime, whilst being ill for the whole of last week. It was literlary all I did. The TV was crap, as per usual. ( Only so much jezza kyle you can watch.) The laptop was boring me, because hey miss organised over here has posts written up right till the end of October. I lived in my pjs for a whole week, so I was house-bound and the only I could turn to was Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Boooooooring.

Chocolate Flower Cake. Yummmaaaay. When I was suffering from the flu, one day I decided I wasn’t just going to sit about and mope. I went down to the local big tesco and picked up a whole load of baking ingredients with a whole load of chocolate. I got the decoration from Pinterest – but there was no way I was going to make it look as good as the picture. It was delicious though and the fam enjoyed it!

What are you loving this week?


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