Hi Tay!

This is your older self speaking, and just wanting to guide you into the right direction and to prepare you for the worst. When you grow up just know that, people come and go in your life. Your teenage years that you have left will teach you a million things – not just about other people but yourself.

Don’t stop loving yourself. Never put yourself down, you’ll turn into a young lady and you need to love yourself. These are your confident years, and you need to enjoy them. Don’t sit a side that and bring yourself down.

Go out and enjoy your life. Don’t sit indoors and watch your friends go and have fun for you. Go out there, shake your booty – kiss all the boys on a night out. Flirt as much as you want, dance around like you think your Beyonce in her Single Ladies music video.

Fall in Love. You will be happy one day, you will think there’s no one else in the world accept him. Share the memories together, go out travelling and enjoy life together. Tell him you love him every day, never give up on someone you love.

Oscar’s going to go to doggy heaven. He will have to leave you one day, but not in the heart. I know he’s your best friend, but these things happen in life. It’s going to break your whole world a part, but time is a healer and things will get easier.

Mum and Dad are going to break up. This might be hard to deal with right now, but this will happen. It’s something that cannot be fixed. You might be finding this hard right now to see your life without your parents together, but they will end up happy – trust me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I know smoking might be cool right now, and etc. Stop now before it’s too late, it’s a waste of money and you’ll soon end up wishing you never started. It kills thousands of people, do you know how serious this is? You’ll have to hide it from your family, and it’ll cause arguments, stop yourself.

Stick to your education. You’ll soon regret this down the line.

Take photo’s. Never let any moment go past without taking a photo, you want memories to look back onto. You don’t want to forget these moments, you don’t realise how precious life is until you see it in your hands.

Travel. Go and see the world, visit different cities and go and explore the UK even. You never know what you could discover. Take it all in, and enjoy it – this is what life is really about. Everyone goes travelling, if you have any ties you can still go do it with someone.

You’ve got plenty of heart breaks to come. Boys cheat, and boys can be nasty. They’ll break your heart, and you might even break theirs. You’ve got to kiss all the frogs to find your price. There’s someone out there for everyone.

I just want you to know that life is hard. If it was easy, then it’d be boring. These hurdles will make you learn more and more about yourself. You might become a different person through these obstacles in your life, but you will become such a strong women. Some of these things will effect you right up until 2016, for the rest of your life. It’s not always about your feelings, sometimes it’s about other people. You might cry yourself to sleep, but you’ll wake up feeling like weights have been lifted off your shoulders. You might feel useless, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You might feel crazy, but you can’t always be boring.

One last thing, keep strong. Every thing will work out just fine.

Lots of Love

Your older self.ox


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