School wasn’t so bad after all was it?
It didn’t go down well with me, I think I was possibly allergic.

Well clearly not, but every single day I wished it away. I couldn’t wait for the day that I could go out and earn money but oh no that isn’t so pretty. Growing up certainly brings struggles, and defiantly has boundaries and limits.

1. You do a lot more around the house. Whether your living with your parents or living alone. You’re doing a whole lot more than a couple of chores. It will become your life, get it all done and get yourself out more. There’s more to life than just cleaning.

2. When your mum and dad start asking for advice. Ok, maybe not so much my Dad – I just listen to him moan about work as I work for him. However, I find my Mum does ask me for advice, mainly just the usual ‘Do I look ok?’ and etc. She might ask for the cheeky bit of love advice, just like I do with her. It’s a girl thing, and we act like best friends.

3. Goodbye push up bras. This might just go for me, but push up bra’s are the most annoying thing on earth. I can’t stand the look when girls boobs are clearly pushed together. IT’S NOT A GOOD LOOK. Push up bra’s, yeah wear them but make it look bloody natural at least. The pushed tits together look was for when you was 14 and didn’t really have any.

4. Watching the news. I never ever watched the news growing up. However, sometimes before/after Hollyoaks I might find myself with the news channel on. I don’t even do it on purpose I just do it to pass some time, and find that I’m actually getting into it. Especially with what’s going on in the world, need to update yourselves, it’s a crazy world out there.

5. You have to miss out on social events with friends, because deep down you can’t really afford it. A night in isn’t so bad, like you use to think it was. When I was younger, you’d never see me sat indoors, now you’d never see me in a club with a Malibu and coke in my hand.

6. Having post come through the doors. When I was younger I may have got the Andrex puppy collection come through the door. I was one of them when I was young. On the Andrex toilet roll, they use to advertise the cuddly toys and etc. I use to get one every so often, if it was a cuddly toy – I wanted it. It’s all about Banks wanting to give you a credit card, now. However many times Barclays want to send me a letter about it, I will not be bloody getting one.

7. Removing make up before bed. When you were younger, after a night out I didn’t think about removing my face full of make up. Noooo way, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and forget the whole evening of shoting black Sambuca. I can’t go bed without removing it now, even after a night out.

8. Your nights out only involve the weekends. Week days don’t get included anymore, as you have to prioritize.

9. You look after your teeth a wholeeee lot more. When I was younger, I suffered with my teeth. I always in and out the dentist, because I loved them Drumstick lollies. They literally made my life hell after a while, having my tongue pierced probably didn’t help neither. However, now I pay for my teeth I bloody watch what I eat. Dentist are robbing bastards I tell ya!

10. Saving accounts become your best friend. You visit your app/account nearly everyday just to keep checking to see your money going up, up up! You even have more than just one, all for different things.. mortgage, car, holidays.

11. You try out healthier food options. When you grow up, you see all these funky food recipes on facebook, instagram and pinterest. You see them, and think you can cook up exactly that, and the same way as the picture is represented. Pffffft, it never comes out the same. However, you do change your intake on food.

12. Your facebook home page is just full of babies, weddings, or proposals. Everyone is growing up way quicker than me. Sooo many of my friends on facebook have little ones, I think it’s amazing. I can tell you though, I’m not ready for one yet – Lee will agree with me too. I feel like I still need to be a little selfish with my life and do things for me. Is that a bad thing?

13. You’re asleep before 12.00am. I rarely see the 12am mark anymore in the night. Unless I’m waiting to pick Lee up from a ‘boys night out’ I never see it. I’m such a granny, I just want to be in bed by 8pm every night. I want to be now with X factor starting, cold evenings. You know it’s Christmas soon when X factor starts.

14. Having a sick day at work is not acceptable. What I mean is, school – I use to see how many days I could have off in a month. What I mean is, when I got to year 11 History just wasn’t for me anymore. It wasn’t the same as the year before, the teacher wasn’t fond of me and I just couldn’t concentrate what so ever. Soon after all the days I was ‘unwell’ I got finally removed from that class, and put in a temporary class until the year ended but still had to do the work. You can’t do this when you have a full time job, work is extremely important. No work – no money.

15. Coming on your period is the best feeling ever. ‘I’m not fricking pregnant babeeeee!!!’ becomes a regular thing right?

16. You keep repeating yourself. You don’t know who you’ve told the story to and find yourself telling the same person more than twice. People just sit and listen to it twice and smile, that’s what I do as well just to be polite. Lee soon tells me, he’s heard this before. Lol

17. Points cards. My whole purse is FULL of them. I have one for every store possible, I swear. Love it when I pop into boots for my daily lunch at work and I know my points are slowly ( very bloody slowly ) going up. They’re so stingy with their points, I swear. It will take me another two Christmas’ to purchase something worth the money. For some odd reason, I don’t have a Tesco card which sounds absolutely ridddiculouss. Everyone has one, and I need to get on this as I spend half my life in Tesco’s.

18. You learn to put the chocolate down. When we was young, we would crave for all the sugar foods and be restricted to what we could actually eat by our parents. Sweets/chocolate wasn’t so good for you so they were used a treat. However, now we’re all a lot older.. we have to tell ourselves no and when is enough. I’m so crap at this, Lee gives me the look and that’s when I know enough is enough,phaaaaaa.

19. Your birthday and Christmas list changes, for the worse. I haven’t actually got to this stage yet, but all my friends are going on about it, as they’re productive and more grown up and have actually moved out already. It was always about whacking out the Argos catalogue and circling what toys you want. Now it’s all about getting a funky hoover and house accessories to finish off the final bits. I have this yet to come, and I’m certainly not wishing that away.

20. DID SOMEONE SAY GREY HAIR?! Lets just get this straight, I haven’t found one yet. However, I found one in Lee’s barnet. Shocking, just 22 and I found a grey hair – scary shit.

21. You looking at the expiry date. When you went shopping with your parents, you’d pick up anything and everything and get it in the trolley without your rents finding out. Now it’s about looking at the expiry date, every time. That is a good sign of getting old.

22. I’m 23 in December. Twenty threeeee?!?!??!?!? Shit, I’m becoming more of an adult. Help.

Can you agree with any of these?

It’s scary growing up isn’t it, have you got any to put along with it?


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