Pamper night is just the best night. It’s always best when ones been due for a very long time.

They’re always best, spent alone. Sounds a bit creepy, but having someone hovering around whilst doing what you’ve got to do, to be a lady is irritating.

This is what I have to include in a pamper night routine..

1. No phone. Ok, this doesn’t happen every time. I just try to spend less time on mine, I’m an Instagram addict – so sometimes I revert to the ipad instead. Just ignoring the world really, but still seeing what’s going on. If you struggle sleeping and you do sit on your phone before drifting off to sleep – this is your problem. Your phone light indicates to your brain that you’re body isn’t ready to sleep. Phone before sleep, is a no go.

2. Silk PJs. I love silk pjs, they make you feel so clean. The fabric against your bathed, soft skin is amazeballs. I need more.

3. Conditioner. Ahhhhh conditioner makes your hair feel so healthy and soft, but also makes you feel super clean. I don’t always condition my hair when it comes to the week, as I only put it up for going to work anyway. Condition your hair though ladies, it’s great for your hair and not using this can cause your hair to become in bad condition.

How many times did I want to use the term ‘condition/conditioner’? Jesus.

4. Candles. My favorite when it comes to a pamper evening. So calming, and just the scent is pure amazing. Lets be honest and clear about this, it’s all about the Yankee Candles but bloody hell they can make your bank account worried for your future. I only have a bedroom to worry about at the moment in my life, wait until I have a three bedroom house and want one for each room.

* In this case it’s all about the cinnamon scent , it”s Autumn after all!!*

5. Wash. OBVIOUSLY. I’d like to think we will have this in common on our ‘pamper evenings’. Just like any day of our lives! Nothing better than a good wash with a scrub, to get tucked up in our clean bed sheets. Mmmmm.

6. DVDs/ X factor. Ok, I had to add in X Factor just because it’s just started.. kind of. X factor is fab on the weekends. Although a DVD can beat it, specially a rom-com or a love story. I always find that it comes to my pamper night in on my own, and I stick on a love story film and all I want is Lee. So bloody cringy, but it happens! Next minute, he’s cramping my style of ‘pamper evening’  because I’m a massive wetty.

7. Bath bomb. Lush, I love you. Bath bombs are amazing. That’s is all now, if you don’t use them, then use them!!

8. Shaving. Shaaaaaavingggg in the bath tub. You’ve got to keep yourself clean and pretty ladies. Not much else to say, shaving is .. shaving. Nothing pretty to talk about here.

9. Hair turban. Oh I love a good primark hair turban. I get a new one every so often, I do not wash my hair without them. I hardly ever use a hair dryer, I like to leave my hair to dry naturally. This is where my hair turban comes in, because I just shuv my hair up in one of these and that’s the end of that.

10. Clean Teeth. Nothing better than cleaning your teeth before bed, cannot sleep without it. Bloody hate it. It’s better for your teeth too, so do it.

11. Nails. Painting your nails, always makes you feel lady like again. It’s picking the colour which is such a hard decision. Always do this last, when you’re tucked up in bed watching your film/ programme. Nothing worse than painting your nails, and smudging them. Before you paint them too, don’t forget to pee first!!

12. Sleep. A good early night makes you feel brand new in the morning – simple.

What do you include in your pamper night routine?


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