is becoming a popular time of year over social media. I’m a massive fan of it
myself, but who isn’t? The colder mornings which make you want to snuggle up in
bed with a good English tea watching Hocus Pocus.

 (Everyone loves this film, this time of year,

only is it about Halloween and it’s all about getting dressed up on the busiest
night in town, there is so much more to this month that we will miss out on or
don’t even notice.

Cinnamon Scented Candles.  I loveeeee candles!  More of a reason to get yourself down to the
Yankee store to purchase a few more. They set the scene of a perfect cosy
evening; they just make anything cosy, really. Not only is it about Cinnamon,
also the spice/orange scent too. They make your house smell gorgeous.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte
and Cake.
 I’m not someone who is a fan of coffee and
lattes, but I am a lover of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. (Of course, the cake too.)
It includes everything Autumnal – pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg.
Nothing beats a good amount of whipped cream. It’s like the cherry on the top.

 Knitwear, knitwear  – everywhere! Outfit of the day?  …Knitwear! Whether it’s a jumper on your
back or a scarf round your neck. Cosy, warm clothing to keep you from the brisk
cold air!

ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS.  Ok, not something we will all jump at when
mentioned. It’s something I looooove. Bonfire night, if you celebrate it in a
back garden – whether it’s yours or friends. It’s all about roasting those
marshmallows around the fire that’s keeping you warm. However – if you don’t
celebrate it, just roast a few marshmallows add some digestive biscuits &
chocolate and make s’mores instead. Yum!

Fluffy socks and PJS. Whether you’re having a movie
marathon or sitting around the fire. These sorts of evenings are the best
wearing your comfiest pyjamas’ and fluffy/woolly socks. Maybe even tell a scary
story or two!

Freshly Baked Cookies. Add some fun and include
flavours like cinnamon, apple, spice and orange. If you’re like me and love to
bake then give yourself a competition and be adventurous with what you’re
including. Add some terry’s chocolate orange on top! Are you drooling? Me too.

Bubble Baths.  Bath tub, bathbombs, and candles lit. That is
the definition of the perfect idea after a long day of work. Especially for
you, that spent the day outdoors.

Decorating your home for
some inspiration? Go pick yourself up some pumpkins, get creative. Paint them,
carve them and see what you can come up with. Paint them with neutral colours,
add some writing to them. Even add some glitter!

Sparklers and Bonfire Night. Get your beanie hat and mittens
on! Go and enjoy the evening watching the fireworks, close by to the bonfire to
keep yourselves warm. Pick up some dunkie doughnuts and even make a pit stop at
the arcades on the way home! It’s a great evening to spend with your loved ones
or friends. There are so many places that celebrate these evenings, don’t miss
out by snuggling up to the fireplace this time. Go out and enjoy this season
before it’s all about Christmas!

Sunday Roasts and Country Walks. Before tucking up in front of
the fire, there’s nothing better than a country walk and stopping off for your
traditional Sunday roast dinner. Turkey/Gammon/Beef/Lamb , Roast potatoes and
those roasted parsnips smothered in gravy is what makes a roast dinner for me.
Even add an apple pie for dessert!

What do you get up to over the Autumn season? 


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