Everyone loves a Friday favourites post, right?

Every blogger I see include these within their topics/content and it’s something I previously included in my old blog. God knows why there something everyone is interested in, but lets see if you little buggers are interested in my Friday favourites.

I’ll give you five and my opinions, and you guys can decided whether my opinion counts or not.

Autumn. It’s becoming the time of the year where the leafs go from green to orange/red and the air is getting colder. I’m not a fan of the cold, but when it allows you to wear comfy thick jumpers, then I’m in. I hate Halloween so scrap that. I just love the colours, burgundy and khaki. That’s when the colours were so popular last year, and that’s why I love it this year.

Sassy Quay Sunglasses. I had to include the ‘Sassy’ there’s no better word for them. I totally love them. I picked these up from Topshop in West Quay – Southampton. I got these for £40.00 which wasn’t the price I wanted to pay but they were totally worth it. Theses were perfect for my summer holiday, but awesome for the sunny low sky evenings when driving home from work. I have never got away with wearing black sunglasses and never thought they really suited me. Although, I’ve always wanted dark sunglasses, so nobody can see my eyes. I love doing a massive scope at people, people watching is my fav.

The Body Shop – eye brow and liner kit. Something different for me, I’ve been using this for a while but needed to chuck this in there. When I was growing up it was all about the eye brow pencil. However, my mother goose was using this before me and introduced me to this product. It’s a powder, that comes with a brush – 2 in 1. I only use one end, as it suits me best and I only use the lighter colour. I haven’t dared try using the darker one! Very easy to use, and glides lovely onto the brow hair.

Choker necklaces. Chokers are something that never really came to my attention first of all. However, now I love them! I have just picked up a lurrrshhhhh one from Matalan, yes Matalan. I picked it up for just £5.00 and I will be sharing a photo down below with you guys. I am loving these lace, tie ups. They’re a perfect statement to any outfit, and can be worn for going ‘out out’ or going ‘out’. ( You know exactly what the difference is. It’s a women thing.)

Versace Yellow Diamond Intense Perfume. Little purchase from Malaga airport, and what a bargain. 40% off, straight in my basket. I’m no bargain hunter, I hate sales – this is I was pretty happy with. It’s got such a summer days smell to it, but that doesn’t stop me spraying a few before going out for the day. Versace perfumes differ, some smell fresh and some smell like to rich if that’s a way of describing it. I’m into the sweet, holiday, floral smells other than the soapy, rich smells.

What have you included in your Friday favourites?



  1. December 31, 2016 / 2:57 pm

    Love the look of those flamingo diaries/notebooks – where are they from?

    • January 2, 2017 / 7:54 am

      They're from TKMAX/Home Sense 🙂

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