30 might seem a lot, but let me try and keep things short and sweet for you all.

This could be a test for me for 30 things that are actually fascinating about me, I’m not the most exciting person in the world. I’ll tell ya that for one.

(This photo is not doing any justice to me, who knew you could look grim from behind. But this is my favourite place in Marbella – The old town.)

Let’s get started..

1. I’m a social media addict. I bet you are too. Social Media is something I’m constantly at. Every morning and every evening in bed is what I spend my time doing. I like to think I’d get myself up and read my book, but I currently don’t have one to read. Instagram is my favourite, I just spend ages going through one person onto the next and the next minute I don’t even know who I’m snooping at.

2. I currently live with my Mum. – She’s honestly my best friend, so cliché I know but she is. I don’t know where I’d be without her, she comes with me everywhere I go. Even if I take a trip to the dentist she’ll come with me and we’d make a day out of it. We’ve got such a tight relationship, and that’s why I’m currently still there but I know she secretly wants me out.

3. Galaxy or Dairy Milk……. GALAXY everyday , all day.

4. Australia is a strong contender for my next holiday/get away. I have family over there who have currently left today as they’re on their travels around America now. Australia is amazing and I need to go back at least one more time, but I’m trying to persuade my partner as he’s not keen on the flight! Help me, it’s not too bad is it? *Over 20 hours, yikes!*

5.  Dogs are my favourite. Cocker Spaniels are the ones though. Who doesn’t love dogs?!

6. Nandoooooooo’s is just fab. I couldn’t live without Nando’s. Yep, I’m one of them ‘losers’ that go to Nando’s once a week with my partner even though I’m your ‘plain’ type of girl. Lol

7. Shower or Bath? I’m more of a Bath type of girl. Although showers are becoming more often. Who doesn’t love a bath bomb and candles at the end of a long day?

8. In August 2016, just gone – I decided to join RWL. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s actually called Results With Lucy. Lucy was a part of The Only Way Is Essex a few years ago and started her own fitness programme. I’ll sum it up now as FAB! I really enjoy it, I do it every morning – I’ll let you know more soon.

9. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I know, everyone says Summer – I do enjoy the warm season too but Autumn does it for me. I love the change of the colour of leafs and the big jumpers. Halloween is always boring, but I just pig out on the sweets and ignore the front door!

10. I’ve blogged before. This isn’t my first time. I first started a blog at the age of 16/17 for fitness but didn’t tell anyone about it. I felt like embarrassed in a way as I didn’t actually know what I was really going on about. Phaaaaaaa. Then I started again like a year and a bit ago using this same Blogger but soon gave up as the timing wasn’t right. Now I’m back bitches, and I’m back for good.

11. I have a women crush on ALL THE KARDASHIANS. Yeah, we all love them so cliché as well. They actually make me want to keep my hair dark, although I don’t look like anything like them beautiful human beings.

12. I smoke. Shit I said it – onto the next. On a serious note I’m packing up soon.

13. This is a unlucky number, shall we move on again swiftly?

14. I’m a organised freak. I hate being un-organised!! I have to know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and how long I have to get ready and etc. If you tell me you’re doing something with me.. you’re bloody doing it. No re-arranging with me.

15.   My lucky number is 24. I could never pick between 2 and 4 so I just thought I’d put them together. 24 sounds better than 42. Although my birthday – 27 always comes in at the Casino.

16. I have no favourite colour. I just wear black all the time doesn’t mean I like the colour.

17. I’ve been on this bizarre planet for 22 years. Yes I’m 22.

18. All I think about is food, I’m a massive food junkie *chunky*.

19. The Longest Yard – favourite film. Nelly is just…. a great actor.

20. I do love a good chic-flick too..

21. This was my favourite age when I actually had more of social life. I want to be 21 forever, it sounds so much better when someone asks your age.

22. Mascara. Mascara is my favourite make up item. Can’t go a day without it, unless I’m house bound.

23. I’m a geek with specs.

24. Bluewater is my favourite shopping centre. A holiday coming up? Shop here, so many great stores

25. I’ve been with my partner for nearly 4 years in Feb

26. I’m currently running out of things to tell you about me, hope your not bored. I’m sneakily at work writing this!

27. If I could live in gym gear and sunglasses – I would!

28. I have two tattoos. One on my wrist, I just picked that out in the Tattoo Shop – luckily no regards so far! I also have a love heart on the back of my neck for my partner in crime (my dog, Oscar) passing last year.

29. I live in my pjs. Every day after work I stomp it up the stairs and whack on my pjs. I can’t help it. I don’t go out in them though, I’m not that type of person.

30. I managed to tell you 30 things about me! I did have 50 as the target for starters, but there was no way I could tell you that much!


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