There’s still a fair few things that need to change round here. Bad habits is just something so easy to keep in tact with, because you just don’t want to change. Things are so much easier when there’s no ‘change’ involved.
By the end of this year, some things need changing though – afraid so ‘mind of Taylor’. It’s everything that will do you good, and is changing for the better.

Like for one, I’m still currently chilling in bed and it’s 11.11am and I need to get the hell up and showered to make today a productive day.
And I’ll carry on ..

2. Nights without social media. I need nights away from my phone/ipad/computer screen. I’m like constantly looking through some type of screen. I need to dedicate evenings without it or even for a few hours before going to bed. It’s so difficult though, I always feel like I’m missing out on something especially when I go back to 50+ whats apps from my girlfriends. Us ladies can speak for fricking England, so it’s not so great when you have so much to catch up on and miss out all the important parts because you haven’t got the patience to read word by word.

3. Attending the gym more. We all want to be them perfect living girls on Instagram, with the smashing body and lifestyle. Pffttttt, tell yourselves they have bad things in life too – photo shop too!! Any how, I need to up my gym game massively. I go to Everyone Active, love the gym but just not loving the distance anymore. It’s about a 10-15 minute drive there and the same back. Doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s traffic light after traffic light. However, I have one in progress of being built around 4/5 minutes away. I am so excited, however every single idiot I know will be attending that gym as well, I’m sure. I don’t want to quit it, I enjoy working out.

4. Smoking – stop it. I’m currently on the beginners stage of ‘quitting smoking’. I’m only on my second day, but every day that passes I’m going to congratulate myself for going an extra day. Quitting smoking will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve hid it from people, I’ve wasted money on buying them and giving them out to friends. It’s getting me no where in life, just possibly a sooner trip to my grave. Smoking isn’t pleasant, it doesn’t smell nice and it certainly doesn’t make your skin, breath, hair any good. Of course, it causes cancer too. So goodbye smoking, and hello more money to spend on clothes/make up and etc.

5. Save Money. All the money I will be saving from smoking, will be going straight into my savings account unfortunately. Saving money becomes so crucial when growing up, you need to be saving pennies to move on and give yourself the bright future. Christmas is on it’s way too, like no seriously I have so much family to buy for it’s ridic.

6. Sign up to Race for life 2017. I attended this years, 2016. I managed to raise just under £200 and I was over the bloody moon. I never thought anyone would donate, but they did and that’s what pushed me keeping my pace whilst doing the walk/run. My friend Lizzie and Sarah joined me on this event, and I found it particularly difficult. I’ve not ran 5k in so long, since middle school? Long isn’t it. We didn’t fully prepare ourselves, we just did a couple of walks and runs on the treadmill – which certainly doesn’t compare to doing it on the roads. I did it though, I think around the 40/45 minute mark. I’m determined to do it again next year!

7. Have £500/£1,000 to put towards Australia. This is such an unlikely one but be interesting to see how close I am. Christmas, I get soooooo carried away with when buying my family presents. However this year, I think I’m going to have to be tight with my money but also start shopping early. I’m one of them typical idiots that leave it so last minute. I end up acting like I’m in an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

8. Get back on top of my skin care routine. I use to be awesome at this, every evening I would dedicate time to just go through my cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliating and washing my face. I’ve become so lazy, do it once in a blue moon and just use the easy Simple Wipes to remove all make up. I mean, I’d never go an evening without removing my make up, I’m just slack on the taking care of my skin part. Everyone loves skin care routines for the colder months, so I’m just going to jump on that bandwagon and wave.

9. Get a new job. So I currently work within my family. It’s a family run business, my pops (dad) is the boss. I have my brother, and uncles all working there too. I love it there, it’s easy work, handy and pay is good. However it’s not something I’ve dreamt of doing for the rest of my life. It’s not going to be a job that’s going to there for a lifetime, things will soon change. I don’t want to be stuck in a Haulage company anyhow. ( No offence dad if you ever bloody read this.) I need to get myself a new career path on the go, with exciting opportunities in front of me.

10. Keep on top of my nails. Ok, this isn’t very important is it? However, I never keep up with my nails. I get them done for a special occasion – for example, Marbella. Then I just end up taking it off  myself, and that’s the end of it. I feel so much happier, girly with my nails did. However my nail lady has finished working where I go, I think I need to find somewhere different completely. Live in Southampton? Where’s good to go? NO CHINESE!

That’s what I need to change by the end of 2016. I know we’re all thinking, where the heck has this year gone? October next month, like wtf?
Have you got anything you need to change by 2017?

Peace, ox


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