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Friday, 21 April 2017


There are so many magazines out there that write all the same stories, and are based around the whole same bloody thing. When I was a little younger, I use to love all the OK and Look magazines. The only way you'll see me picking up a magazine is if it's got a little freebie inside - or it's come with the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. However, since last month I introduced myself to a new magazine. The Blogosphere Magazine. I saw how a lot of people were raving about this magazine about how useful and inspiring it is, let alone all those who were saying were featured inside with their blogs/youtubes.

Blogosphere Magazine is a magazine for everyone inspired to Blog/Youtube - you name it. It's a way for everyone to get their voices across and to show off their work. It's a great way for bloggers to find you, and you to find new bloggers to follow. I find the whole thing so inspiring, even the story of Alice Audley bringing this magazine together.

Why you need to stop what you're doing and head to WH Smiths..

  • WH Smiths is the only place that sells the Blogosphere Magazine
  • You might find some of your favourite bloggers featured inside
  • You'll find inspiration and new bloggers to follow on social media
  • There's stories about bloggers you would have never known about
  • Whether you're into Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Photography, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle or Parenting - you name it , it's featured in the magazine
  • This months features Dina Tokio and Sophie Hannah Richardson <3
  • It involves Instagram Live Tips
  • There's all about Money - Making Apps you need to download
  • Also your photo of the previous magazine might be featured in the following months
  • You'll never loose inspiration flickering through the magazine every so often

So whose on their way to W H Smiths right now?
If not - you can also get them online, on their website it's £25/year! Total bargain.
For the website link click here.



  1. This sounds so great! Why does my town no longer have a WH Smith's! What am I going to do! I need this in my life

    Ellie x

    1. It really inspiring! You can also sign up to the subscription on their website which I've just added at the bottom of this post. I'd really recommend reading this magazine <3

  2. OMG i really need this magazine! Don't know if I can get it in germany though :/

    xx Lisa |

    1. Oh I'm not too sure!! However, I know you can subscribe to it online so you might be able to find out on there <3

  3. I've seen this magazine everywhere and always wondered where sold it! I'll definitely have to pick this this up!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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