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Monday, 27 March 2017


When it comes to mid week mornings, I have no routine. I get up, shower, do a little skin care, put some mascara on and I'm out the door. I don't like to do too much with my skin through-out the week, I like to have as little as I can of make up. I luckily work with mainly family, so it doesn't matter if I look totally gross. However, when it comes to the weekends, that's when I'll take time on doing my make up, use facial masks and do a total pamper routine.

Just like any morning, it always starts with a good English cuppa. I'm one of those who like it milky and sweet though, healthy! Along with that cuppa, I like to have a scroll through social media until I've had enough and it's time to get up.
Before getting into the shower, I like to make sure I have everything that I need in there too. (That's an obvious point actually, isn't it?) I used the Nivea Shower Wash, as I'd normally use the Simple Body Wash but I fancied something a little different. Along with that, I am currently using Head & Shoulders to wash my hair. I am currently trying to let my roots grow out, as I'm sick of this black hair dye and I want lighter looking hair. This is apparently one of the best shampoo & conditioners to use for this reason. I couldn't ever fault Head & Shoulders neither. Then I also use the Loreal Clay Glow Scrub which cleanses the skin, as well as brightens and exfoliates. I use this every time I shower as it's also a little wake up call for my skin and brain. It's a gritty formula, which really prepares the skin for any make up for the day.
Once I've showered I like to clean my pearly whites and to towel dry my hair and apply the Moroccan Oil. I like to apply this when using Head & Shoulders to give it that moisture and shine. Of course, it's all about getting into the comfies and carrying on my skin care routine.
I use the Garnier Micellar Water to get rid of any scrub excess and any dirt on the skin which I may have missed. Then it's all about the facial mask. I usually reach out for The Body Shop Rose Facial Mask, as that's really good for a morning routine. However, I decided to try out the new Garnier Volcano Face Mask which I can say was a really easy, quick, well-working one. You apply it to the skin, and leave it on for 3 minutes. Although, you never leave it on for the time that it says - it ended up being between 5/10 minutes. When I applied this to my skin, it really felt like my skin heated up. It was comfortable on the skin, and easy to remove with warm water. It was a little messy to open and apply the mask, but removing it was so quick and easy. I'd repurchase this mask and use the others too, as there's quite a range of them. It left my skin feeling clean, refreshed and radiant. I then applied the Garnier Cleanser & Toner to the skin and allow the creams to soak in.
After all that - that's me done and ready to get on with whatever the day has prepared for me and my skin.
What's your holy grail skin care product?
What couldn't you live without?


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