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Friday, 3 February 2017


I went to Boots for my prescription. I know going to Boots wasn't the best of places to go to, but I secretly wanted to go in there because I knew I wouldn't be able to help myself. I wanted to do a Boots haul as I knew there was so much I wanted to pick up! However, I got carried away and ended up with all this. *Whoops.*

I went to Boots intending to pick up my Dentist prescription, they told me that the wait was 20 minutes and as soon as the lady told me, I just saw $$$ in my eyes. Bingo, lets get shopping. Lets say I got carried away, it was like Supermarket Sweep. See how much I could get into my basket before the 20 minutes was up. I also only had 30 minutes on the parking ticket, so had to be quick!

I managed to pick up so many bits I have needed, in better phrase *wanted.*
So all together I got the..

I also got the Tealight Candles from boots but they don't have them on their website! They were Boots own and cost me £3 and spent blooooody amazing.

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  1. This is me all over haha, I've got a few collection makeup bits I'm not completely sold on them yet.

    Amy x

    1. It's difficult not to be swayed towards to beauty isles right? I really enjoy the products, thanks for coming to read <3


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