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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


In life, sometimes it's the little things that really count.

It should never be about how money you have, and what you can afford. It should never be about what size of house you live in, and what area/county that comes under. It's not about what luxuries you have in life. It's not about where you can afford to go on holiday, and what class you fly in. It's not about the designer you wear on your back, neither your feet.

You should always take account to the little things in life, what people can do with little or no money. It's not about giving to receive.

I cannot stand people who just repeatedly show off what they have in life. I mean, it's nice to have it and show it off here and there. However, people that don't have anything better to do in life then share their whole lives with the world because of their up bringing - wind me the f*** up. Simple as that.

I just want to share with you guys what makes me happy and feel good about myself. What brings the smile to my face. I've had a hard couple of years I think, and it's really made me realise you should take account to every little thing/gesture people do for you.

Exercising -
Whenever I'm feeling annoyed, or upset or want to get anything out and don't know how - going to the gym is a perfect way of releasing all toxins. You never come out the gym feeling shit, down or unhappy. You feel refreshed and feel like you're ready to face anything life is going to throw at you.

Smiling -
When you're walking down the street and someone smiles at you, it's always nice to return the gesture. Everyone should be polite and smile, because these little things go a long way with everyone. Smiling is a way of interacting with other people, it welcomes people to return the gesture back. Nobody should be walking around with the 'resting bitch face' - even though according to my friends that face comes out a lot of the time with me.

Good morning/night messages -
I don't think I'm the only person in the world that loves to receive these. I mainly receive these from Lee, although we don't really spend an evening without one another, it's nice when we don't. When we're apart I always wait for these messages, go to sleep happy and wake up in the exact same mood. I even get these messages from my nephew, just a simple 'good morning auntie' and that would brighten up anyone's day.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big,
that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic.

Reminiscing memories -
I love these sort of conversations when spending time with my family and friends. There's nothing better than all sharing that same moment you can laugh/smile about. I'm a massive freak when it comes to keeping things in sake of my scrap book, or memory box. I even have Lee's and I train tickets from when we went to Amsterdam in February, in my purse waiting to go in the scrap book!

Fresh bed sheets -
Nothing better than coming home from work, and finding out Mumma Mel has put fresh bed sheets on my bed for me. I loooooooove fresh bed sheets. Nothing better than slipping under the covers with fresh skin from bathing against the fresh linen. If you're reading this Mum, then this goes a long way - believe me.

Notes -
When people leave you unexpected little notes! Loveeee this. Cutest gesture ever?! Mumma Mel went on holiday and I was at work and came home to a message on my bed saying 'love you'. This is what makes me happy, and I even have got that somewhere - these little things go a long way with me. Lee has done this as well, but lets just keep that short and sweet because he'd kill me knowing I'm sharing this with you all.

Christmas Day -
Not for the presents, not for the food. Family time. My favourite time. When my parents were together, Sunday was our family time. Every week, everyone would come over ( as my brothers had moved out ) and we'd spend most of the afternoon just in each others company. Christmas is the closest thing to them Sunday afternoons, and I couldn't love it anymore. You think of all them people in the world that doesn't get what you have and makes you cherish this day more than ever.

What makes you happy?
Leave a message below, go on - I dare ya.


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